dGPS for Lego Mindstorms NXT EV3

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The dGPS is a GPS sensor for the BrickPi, LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT & EV3.  This sensor sends GPS coordinates to your robot and calculates navigation information. Check out the full handbook for dGPS here.

  • Sends GPS coordinates to your robot and calculates navigation information.
  • Powerful navigational calculators that can be used to navigate to target coordinates.
  • Hooks directly into the BrickPi, Lego® Mindstorm® NXT and EV3 sensor ports.
  • EV3-ready
  • Easy to Program in Python & C (for BrickPi) EV3, NXT-G, RobotC, NXC, and Lejos.

Now your robots can know exactly where in the world they are!  The Dexter Industries dGPS Sensor provides GPS coordinate information to your robot and calculates navigation information.  The sensor provides latitude, longitude, time, speed and heading to your robot. It also has powerful navigational calculators that can be used to navigate to target coordinates.

The Dexter Industries GPS Sensor can be used for any robot that needs to know where it is or where it’s going. You can do everything from track road trips on Google Maps to build a satellite-guided robot.




Downloads and Tutorials

  • dGPS Manual  (Wiki)  View the dGPS Sensor user-guide for general information on the sensor and FAQ.
  • Google Maps Tutorial  (PDF)  A tutorial on how to gather GPS data with the NXT and publish it on GoogleMaps.
  • Read GPS  (.zip)  The Read GPS NXT-G Block reads coordinate information like latitude, longitude, time, speed.
  • GPS Navigation  (.zip)  Performs navigation functions and allows the user to enter in destination coordinates and read back compass angle to destination and distance to destination.
  • GPS AOT  (.zip)  Calculates angle of travel between two points. Works like a compass.
  • GPSX1.2  (.zip)  Supports Altitude, Satellites in View, and HDOP for the dGPS.
  • Hello World  (.zip)  NXT-G program for getting started with the dGPS sensor in NXT-G. Reads coordinates and time and displays on the NXT.
  • Navigation  (.zip)  More advanced NXT-G program for navigating. This program calculates distance to destination and compass angle to destination from coordinates the user enters.
  • Geocaching to Einstein  (.zip)  An example geocaching program like the one used in our blog post here.
  • Speed Trap  (.zip)  An example program in NXT-G that watches your speed for you. See the blogpost on it here.
  • Basic Communications Example (web)  Available in the latest Botbench 3rd Party Drivers Suite.
  • Examples For dGPS (zip)  Two NXC examples for the NXT and the dGPS sensor. The first example is a quick and easy “Hello World” program (ex_digps.nxc) that shows UTC and coordinates. The second program demonstrates the navigational functions by taking a coordinate and then telling you how far you are from that coordinate and which direction it is in. Special thanks to John Hansen for his work in helping us develop these. dGPS functions are now built into the NXC environment. You must use the latest release to use these functions.
  • NXC for the dGPS (zip)  Some NXC drivers that were graciously developed by Xander.
  • Lejos for the dGPS (link)  Lejos tutorial graciously developed by Mark Crosbie.


More on the dGPS Sensor

Get a quick start to building your satellite-guided robot. Check out the GPS 10 Minute Bot here.


See the Dexter Industries dGPS Sensor Youtube playlist.