GoPiGo3 Electronic Board

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Just the electronic board! This is GoPiGo3 Replacement Electronic Board, the red board that is the electronic heart of the GoPiGo3. This is a replacement electronic board for the GoPiGo3 and does not come with motors, wheels, or any of the other items you need to make a full robot.

This is a replacement electronic board for the GoPiGo3. If you are looking for the full GoPiGo3 please click here.  This will fit the GoPiGo3 chassis and hardware. This will not fit the GoPiGo1 or GoPiGo2 chassis and hardware.  

We love to encourage hacking, but please note that this is a replacement board for the GoPiGo3 and we cannot guarantee compatibility with systems other than the GoPiGo3 or its use in other projects.

What’s included?

  • GoPiGo Electronic Board

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