Rechargeable Battery Pack Charger

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This smart charger allows you to recharge your NIMH rechargeable battery pack for the GoPiGo and BrickPi robots. NIMH Rechargeable Battery Pack sold separately.

The smart charger stops charging when the battery is full to prevent over charging, extending the life of your battery. Rechargeable Battery Packsold separately.

Smart Charger

  • Input 100-240V 50/60Hz 0.2A(MAX)
  • Output 2.4-7.2V800mA 8.4-12V 500mA
  • A smart charger can automatically adjust charge voltage for the battery pack
  • DC female barrel jack, 5.5-2.1mm

What’s not included, but required?

Rechargeable Battery Pack:

  • 9.6V 2000 NIMH battery
  • Max Charge Current 2A
  • Male DC jack

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