GoPiGo2 Acrylic Body – Blue

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This blue colored acrylic replacement part kit comes with an entirely new set of acrylic body parts and metal hardware for the GoPiGo2.

his is a blue colored acrylic replacement kit for the GoPiGo2. If you’ve purchased since December 2015,  you probably have the GoPiGo2. A good quick way to figure out if you have the GoPiGo2 is to check and see if you are using a velcro strap to hold on the battery — if so, then you have the GoPiGo2. Otherwise, if you do not have any velcro, you have the GoPiGo1.

This replacement part kit includes:

(1) acrylic body for GoPiGo2

(1) hardware kit for GoPiGo2

Also available in Clear.


This will not work with the GoPiGo3.