Morse Code Robot Hardware Kit (GrovePi)

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Hardware Kit for the Morse Code Robot Lesson.

Hardware Kit for the Morse Code Robot Lesson.

For purchases of 5 or more robots, please see our GrovePi Classroom Kit.

  • GrovePi Base Kit
  • Raspberry Pi (works with any version of the Raspberry Pi)
  • microSD Card (with Dexter Industries custom software – available for purchase pre-loaded with our software or else you can download and image the cards yourself) *If you are using this in a school setting and don’t want to have to deal with your IT department to get the GoPiGo robot on your school network, we have another option which is very easy called “CINCH”. Please be sure to select a kit with the “CINCH” software. Read more about CINCH here.
  • Ethernet Cable (not required if using CINCH)
  • Power Wall Adapter
  • Buzzer (Optional)