Morse Code Robot Lesson (GrovePi)

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Students program a GrovePi relay a secret message using Morse Code.

Objective: Students program the GrovePi in Scratch to relay a message through morse code using the LED lights and/or a buzzer.

Each Lesson includes the following elements:

  • Background information & resource links (some to share with students & some for teachers)
  • Introductory questions & information to share with the students
  • Step-by-step procedure for the project
  • Student handouts, charts
  • Closure exercises
  • Extension

Time Requirement: 1 hour / 1 class period


  • The Lesson uses Scratch, a beginner drag-and-drop programming language developed at MIT. It is perfect for beginners, and no prior experience is expected or required.

Recommended Grades: Grades 4 and up

Main Audience: Workshop, After School Program, Camp

Self-Paced? No

What’s included:

This lesson comes in the form of a one-time downloadable PDF with a license for 1 classroom. If you are interested in using this lesson school-wide or district-wide, please contact us for that pricing at DexterEd (at)

What else will I need that does not come with this Lesson?

If you have the GoPiGo, check out the Morse Code lesson for GoPiGo here.