GoPiGo3 BalanceBot Extension Kit

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The BalanceBot Extension Kit takes your GoPiGo3 and turns it into an upright balancing robot! Kit includes an IMU Sensor, IR Receiver, IR Remote Control and a set of 3 Sensor Mounts.

Build a BalanceBot with the Raspberry Pi

This extension kit enables you to turn your GoPiGo3 robot into a BalanceBot. Program examples provided in Raspbian for Robots in Python.

What’s included:

What else do I need:

  • Raspberry Pi (B+ or 3 recommended)
  • GoPiGo3 Base Kit
  • 8 AA Batteries
  • Raspbian for Robots installed on an SD card (will not work with DexterOS)

NOTE: This expansion kit will not work with the GoPiGo2 or GoPiGo1.