Battery Holder - 8x AA Batteries

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This is an 8xAA batteries which extends the life and allow for mobility of your BrickPi, or GoPiGo (please note: GoPiGo & BrickPi base kit and starter Kit already includes a power battery pack). This should only be ordered separately as a spare part.

This is an 8xAA Battery Holder that extends the works with the BrickPi and GoPiGo (please note: a power battery pack already comes in the GoPiGo Base Kit).  The battery pack gives you long-lasting 9V power. This package uses 8 AA batteries, which are not included. Cable not included (the for each robot comes with the Base Kit or Starter Kit for that robot).

Note: You can extend your battery life by running the Raspberry Pi and BrickPi or GoPiGo off of the wall with a power supply while programming.